In preparation for this project I tracked personal data for a period of eight days during Covid-19 Quarantine. I then translated that data into a comprehensive data-visualization poster. 
I hoped that by keeping track of my daily schedule, screen time, phone conversations, mood, and the weather, I would be able to document the reality of life in this unprecedented time.
A primary objective of the project became to not only represent my personal experience in quarantine, but to convey a shared experience of college students sent home during Covid-19. I tapped into my own feelings of disorientation and anxiety about the future as the key informant of the final design aesthetic. 
The resulting design utilizes skewed three-point perspective to create a multi-layered mosaic of data and illustration. The data charts are worked into the design, creating several layers of information to explore, with supporting copy that adds a touch of humor and lightheartedness. 
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